January Minutes


Jefferson County Open School

Parent, Teacher, and Student Organization (PTSO)

Date | time 1/16/2018 5:30 PM Meeting called to order by John Hubert

PTSO Mission Statement:  To create a positive environment by building collaborative community relationships.

In Attendance

All attendees for this meeting signed-in on a hardcopy sign-in sheet.

Approval of Minutes

December meeting minutes reviewed and approved at this meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

The JCOS PTSO available general funds balance is: 39,824 + 2618.27 paypal +

The JCOS PTSO Garden’s available balance is:  $ 13,880.91

The JCOS PTSO Parents of the Arts/Enrichment Program balance is:  $200 to $300.

Saving - 1372.66

Taxes have been sent off.  We filed for an extension.

Total 55,078.10

Old and New Business

Insurance Renewal -

  • Should we increase our benefits with no extra cost?  We just found out that our insurance can cover the board members without increasing our premiums. PTO Today is the company.

  • $484 is the amount for the premium and it was approved by those in attendance tonight.

Bingo/Raffle License is gone!- PTSO went ahead and closed the bank account that was associated with the raffle account and we took the $ and bought a treadmill and two leg press machines for Rosie and the gym.  

After school activities

  • $5 a session for a student/$75 dollars a session to the faculty member. … a session is so many minutes.  Materials fee can be included. Minimum number of students will be needed. Can be volunteers to run the class or teachers or substitute teachers. Jana Durbin brought up a good point. Does the PTSO insurance cover all these afterschool volunteers and teachers.  John Hubert would still like to conduct a survey to answer all the questions of what classes and what is needed????  Going forward John Hubert, Kara Goyette and Brooke Epps will be meeting next week to get a survey together for  parents and students and advisors.  Surveys will be sent out by February 1st.

Playground Update -

  • Unfortunately the district cannot allow wood as a medium for traditional playground, which is what we had in mind for the new plans.  Tim Reed is the “go to person” for this matter, he was the project manager for the rebuild of this school. Writing a letter and sending it collectively to the district is an idea that came about.  First; however, it all depends if it’s a district rule or a state policy as a building code cannot be changed.  Many people brought up the fact that this hurdle might not be a big hurdle as several schools were mentioned that do have wooden structures. Hold on tight.

April 27 Cooks and Books Fundraiser -

  • Valerie is asking for a sub committee. Asking for guest chefs around town to draw people in for the cooking challenge.  This will be an event with cookbook sales, challenges…. Michelle and Brooke are willing to help and become part of the sub committee. Other dates do need to be considered as Prom might be on April 27th. More discussion to be held on this topic.  Sarah Foster volunteered to help.

Parent Enrichment

  • Kara Goyette - Herbal and Homeopathic support for teens and pre-teens.  Parents are welcome to come.  She is a hundred percent on board and we are looking at dates to

  • Julie Hughes - One day workshop - Powerful Puberty? Daughters 8-12 interactive mother daughter workshop.  Kelly Ward mentioned that this is something that Jenny Tanner does as well.  The question is whether or not this is a class that young adolescents and mothers would like to attend.  *We collectively decided to check with both presenters

Advisor check in

  • Request for Funds- Jenny Tanner and Brandon 19th century class San Antonio triop student cost $350 for a week. Covers everything.  Going through Amarillo through San Antonio to the Alamo.  Looking at the history as well as through Mexico.  Brandon and Jenny are asking for $700 personally to be funded for themselves.  

  • What precedent are we setting for funding advisor requests... Through eighth grade the general approach is that students pay their own way.  Starting in 9th grade they may be funded for a trip depending on scholarship possibilities. Valerie proposed that we fund the same as a student…$150 …. John spoke up and stated that we should be able to fund the entirety of it.  Scott mentioned that the reason we contribute $150 for students is because if we funded the $350 we would dwindle our resources. Brooke mentioned that she would be happy to fund this one time but that this is something that we need to talk about in the future to fund.  What precedent are we setting???   Scott mentioned that the parent community is whom to ask.  Chris mentioned that this is something new… as when he started he had to pay for trips no questions asked… a cap was mentioned… international travel, some advisors are on 6 trips a year….

  • John would like to vote on this particular request for this meeting and Sarah Foster asked what does the average trip cost for an advisor.  Sara Sperry mentioned that further discussion would be necessary.  The board agreed to that along with Scott.

Update from Scott

  • Updates from Circle -

    • 6th grade changes district wide are bringing in new students...see more notes below.

    • 2 full day kindergartens- Last meeting discussed with two full day kindergartners.  Not at the expense of the preschool.  Parents do not want to let the preschool go. So Scott was left to make the decision how to keep the preschool and have two full day kinder with an option for a half day.

    • There were so many topics from the last topic to trying to cover way too much ground.  They realized that every topic was a two hour meeting in itself.  Kara Goyette and Jenny Tenemore are setting the agenda and everyone decided to meet every month for circle.  Security increase was brought up. Additional staff person/campus supervisor would be needed. .What would that look like at the Open School???? 6th grade conversation it increased in size this year.  It was 25 to 1 now 40 to 2 overall class size smaller.   We have aligned with the district model.  We need to intake kids to compete with other schools. Nothing needs to happen.  Do we need to merge conversations? Students below 9th grade will need to demonstrate competency.  State provides a matrix test 9 of the 10 are standardized tests.  One  is a capstone test.  Much like a passage which our students take now, but the district will want test to increase. More discussion at the next Circle Meeting on these matters.

Next Meeting

2/13/18  5:30 PM, Jefferson County Open School’s Library

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.