Jeffco Open's 2nd annual  Direct Give Campaign begins on

MONDAY NOV.1 and goes thru FRIDAY DEC. 6


Jeffco Open School has built a strong and dynamic community of advisors, parents, students and staff who work together to ensure our school’s success. We are a unique public school offering an education that would typically be supported by a tuition. To sustain our unique education and legacy JCOS relies on both financial and volunteer support from our families.  You donations will support technology, school supplies, art, trips, enrichment programs, special events and school-wide resources. Community members who give their money, talent and time ensure that every student can share in the benefits of an Open School Education. 

Please give what you can.  100% participation is essential.

We have a variety of options so that you are able to give what is meaningful to you:

Donate Now

  • monthly donation options
  • one time annual donations
  • ability to direct where your money goes or
  • dedicate your donation in honor of someone

Donate Monthly enables you to pay equal payments monthly. Simply select the option that works best for you and click “Donate Monthly”. 

Write a Check or Give Cash
  • Download and Fill out the Direct Give Form 2016-17
  • Attach a check and deliver to the JCOS Front Office or PTSO MAILBOX.
  • Make checks payable to: JCOS PTSO

The PTSOs mission is to create a positive learning environment for all our students, helping them to become life-long learners and better citizens, while helping them receive the best education possible. All money raised is collected from our families at events and campaigns during the school year.

Where does your Money Go?

Areas with the most need vary throughout the year.  You could be supporting anything from a student theater production to buying computers.


  • $250 buy a Student Chromebook  x 15 = $4000
  • $400 buys advisor laptop  x 38  = $15,200
  • $500 buys a  printer for multimedia lab 
  • $500 buys stand up scanner for Walkabout
Outdoor Marquee-
  • approx. $10,000-$15,000

We Need Your Participation:  

The Jeffco Open Direct Give campaign runs November 18 thru December 18 and is a direct request to families to make donations to fund the unmet educational needs of JCOS.  These essentials are not covered by the school budget yet essential to the Open School education.  Use Direct Give to infuse that money back into our school and pay it forward for years to come.

  • Our 2016-2017 School Year Fund-Raising Goal: $20,000
  • All donations are 100% tax deductible.
  • Showing that we have a supportive community makes us more eligible for future grants and future money.
Employer Matching Funds:
Interested in Matching Funds with your Employer?
Learn More about our Corporate Matching Program.

Thank you for supporting us in helping achieve our school’s fundraising goals

Dec 2, 2016, 7:44 PM