December Minutes


Jefferson County Open School

Parent, Teacher, and Student Organization (PTSO)

Date | time 12/12/2017 5:30 PM Meeting called to order by John Hubert

PTSO Mission Statement:  To create a positive environment by building collaborative community relationships.

In Attendance

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Approval of Minutes

November meeting minutes reviewed and approved at this meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

The JCOS PTSO available general funds balance is: 21,064.55 + 12,528.18+18,210.49

The JCOS PTSO Garden’s available balance is:  $ 13,886.91

The JCOS PTSO Parents of the Arts/Enrichment Program balance is:  $200 to $300.

Saving - 1372.66

Old and New Business

Hurricane Harvey Relief Trip Update - Dave (5 min)

After School Activities - John - (10 min)

  • Task Force

  • Survey-

    • Kelsey McGuckin John Hubert  Brooke Epps

Gift Card Update - Brooke- Gave 43 gift cards out to Advisors. Advising parents that each card can regenerate $ for each class.  Scott spoke again about the Outdoor lab- being more of a target market, creating an incentive, with no management headache. Community of kids working for each other.  Implement the grocery card sign up at beginning of school.  

Roll out of Just Giving Campaign - John Hubert discussed that Just Gives is the company that we’ve been using for our monthly giving and now they are changing the company (being bought out by, Just Giving.)  If you receive an email from them it is not spam!  If you do receive an email about this know the company changed. It will be confusing, which is why we are rolling out our annual Just Give campaign and waiting for more info on our playground.

  • Playground Update - Kelly/Rachelle Macur  Whole Trees is the company and they are friends with Jim and Rachelle MaCur. Whole Trees needs to know a working budget before they create a sketch. Deadline to apply for GoCo is in February for the grant.  Not likely happening with the design issue. Our free and reduced lunch students is way too low in numbers...  Researching other grants. General funding grants, health grants… Ideas for the playground include- Lots of climbing, monkey bars, structures that inspire imagination!

  • Winter/Spring Fundraiser - Literature reference/cookoff PTSO’s take on the Spring fundraising idea for a chili-cook off. Having teams participate in a cooking competition with a Literary Reference.  Earning the “Golden Fork”.

  • Hannah Reynolds simply asked How Will We Make money???- admission fee, admission fee for eating, or we collect the recipes and buy a cookbook.

  • Community Enrichment - Herbal and Homeopathic support for Adolescents? Kara Boyette- in Circle.  She would love to talk to our parents about all the hormonal roller coaster that happens with young adults.  She is wondering if there is an interest in a discussion on homeopathic and herbal support for these years...  Different age groups?  Adolescent -Pre pubescent? Kara is a Naturopath in Lakewood, a parent at Open School and an alum!   Valerie proposed that we have this in the Spring.  It passed.  

  • Bingo/Raffle License - Regina Weld (former secretary), set up an account with the State to have a Bingo/Raffle License.  We have not used it in over a year and the motion to cancel it was passed.

  • Valerie proposed we move the next meeting to January 16th

  • Treasurer’s Report - Valerie Transparency

Update from Scott

Additional meetings…. Lots of topics to cover.   January 24th 2018.

Parent survey- weekly wire Family School partnership survey.  “Good participation” 60 participants. We’d love to get more participation.  Generic survey for the district. How the Open school is performing for the school also in the Wire.  There have been some issues with our travel program.  Allison travels with our school and can administer an epipen.  Her license is compromised by the Nurse Compact.  The number of states that are transferable could decrease significantly.  

Our first semester has gone well!  Thanks for all your support! John asked about

Next Meeting

1/16/18  5:30 PM, Jefferson County Open School’s Library

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.