Sitcoms & Dramedy

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Original Sitcom Pilots and Specs:

ACE-HOLE – Anti-hero comedy about the “Lance Armstrong of tennis,” who after his sports downfall is forced back to his hated hometown where the feeling in entirely mutual.

ASSISTANTS Hour-long dramedabout six ambitious 20-something assistants trying to tackle the hilarious and tragic vagaries of Hollywood while locked in love-hate relationships with each other, their bosses and a mysterious thumb drive. 

MILITIA A bumbling anti-government militia takes over a remote Forest Service cabin. Led by the first African-American militia leader (a.k.a. “the Jackie Robinson of White militias”), their find their group dynamics more challenging than anything Big Brother can throw at them. 

MANNING THE FORT Edgy family multi-cam about an adoptive couple whose carefully fused nuclear family explodes when their son’s rude, unfiltered biological grandparents move into the condo upstairs.

EX-PATS – Single-cam office-place comedy about a Type A divorcée who enlists in the U.S. Foreign Service to selflessly restart life, but she instead lands in a Banana Republic filled with lazy embassy lifers and shady American ex-pats. 

CEMETERY SISTERS – Multi-camera about two polar-opposite siblings who reluctantly make death their new life’s work after inheriting the family-owned cemetery. Think Two Broke Girls meets Six Feet Under.

LIVING BEYOND OUR MEANSSingle-cam about a crazy Midwest family whose dire finances land them a starring role on a “tough love” financial reality show that soon faces its own financial hardships. (Finalist in the “America's Newest Comedy Writer Contest.”)

Spec Scripts:

Veep “Jefferson-Jackson Dinner”: V.P. Meyer heads south for a primary kickoff called the “Jefferson-Jackson Dinner” but instead winds up at the “Jefferson Davis Dinner.” Meanwhile, Dan and Amy confront Gov. Chung about a plagiarism rumor, and Gary and Jonah get sucked into protests against D.C. gridlock of the traffic kind.

Parks and Recreation – “The Knope Ultimatum”: When Leslie discovers her staff gambling on office Solitaire, she struggles over who to fire to regain control of the office. 

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