Black Friday to be Slugg-free

CHICAGO (Nov. 20, 2011) – Seeking to avoid a repeat of last year’s “Black-and-Blue” Friday, the Uggs Slugg Federation of America (USFA) has suspended all sanctioned Ugg Slugg activities for Friday, Nov. 25 – a.k.a. “Black Friday.” The USFA’s unprecedented action follows last year’s rash of Black Friday arrests at malls across the country.

According to Ugg Slugg, the first person to spot a pair of Uggs gleefully proclaims “Ugg Slugg” and gives their buddy a playful shoulder poke. (For more rules, see the humorous YouTube video “How to Play Ugg Slugg.”) The rapid popularity of Ugg Slugg parallels the ever-expanding commonness of Uggs. Once a quirky, overpriced piece of “faux” couture, the sheepskin booties now are an obligatory fashion accessory for the masses.

The 2010 Black Friday arrests occurred when mall security mistook the game play of honest players for actual fights. USFA President Todd L. Tertleton said in the most publicized cases security became overly physical, which the Ugg Slugg players mistook as interest to join their games. But when the players saw more Uggs and returned the punches, the mall cops rained baton blows down and tasered the players, stamping the day for many as “Black-and-Blue” Friday.

“Suspending game activities on Black Friday was a very difficult decision. It’s like telling an alcoholic to put his drinking on hiatus for just the holiday office-party season,” Tertleton said. “But we wish to protect our players and prevent avoidable violence from giving the sport a black eye. After all, we aren’t like the NFL or competitive ice skating.”

He added that avoiding mistaken arrests was only a part of the USFA’s reason for shutting down Black Friday Slugging.

“The truth is playing Ugg Slugg at certain times can be very hazardous to our players. When the concentration of Uggs becomes too high, players’ shoulders can get real bruised from sheer repetition,” he said. “For instance, we've long enforced strict ‘No Slugg Zones’ anywhere people camp out for Justin Bieber tickets, as well as in Gloria Allred’s waiting room.”

However, Tertleton said this is the first time in the sport’s history an entire day has been deemed a No Slugg Zone.

“Like any sport, challenges beyond our control do arise. For instance when it rains, Ugg spottings are naturally curtailed because Uggs get water-logged quicker than a quilted pea coat,” he said. “Wet Uggs also smell worse than day-old hot dog water. It really distracts from the sports’ fun.”

For more information about Ugg Slugg the Game and the underground history of Uggs, just view the following funny YouTube video: