Top 10 Tweets of 2011

In the spirit of year-in-review features, look back at 2011 as seen through SkitSketchJeff's inaugural year on Twitter:

#10.  Investigation of “person of interest” dropped when he’s discovered to be
painfully boring.

  #9.  Thumbs up to how CNN's Piers Morgan has updated Larry King's old format —
          replacing the live call-ins with hacked phone messages.

Follow SkitSketchJeff on Twitter #8.  Police tear down tent encampments outside Targets,
Black Friday shoppers for Occupy Wall Street.

 #7.  I love that the Paranormal State ghost detectives are Penn State students.
        Who better to
 separate hopeful delusion from reality?

  #6.  In show of respect to their cyber-king, Nigerian princes send delegation to
          Steve Jobs funeral

  #5.  In paperwork snafu, Chicago Cubs accidentally acquire wrong Epstein from Red Sox.
          But a note from Juan Epstein's mother promises he'll be a great GM

  #4.  90.9% of Americans will celebrate Labor Day today. Remainder to join Flash Mobs 
 mattress sales

  #3.  Motion Picture Association of America weighs new “RR” rating to alert moviegoers
 films starring Ryan Reynolds

  #2.  Breaking News: Former IMF Chief sort of admits he has a problem keeping his dick
          in his
 Levi Strauss-Kahns.  

  #1.  I’ve recently become aware this Twitter stream is based on my life story. I may
         need to
 go offline to research my legal options

                – by Jeff Burdick (a.k.a. “@SkitSketchJeff)

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