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Animal Balloon Activism

PeTAB: "Do a party favor. End the cruelty"

Like most spin-offs (The Apprentice with Martha StewartJoey, Lunchables: The Movie), PeTAB is less renown and less successful than its parent organization PeTA. Yet, the work of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal Balloons (PeTAB) is no less critical and inspiring. 
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PeTAB works globally to amplify the tiny screeches of millions of balloons as they are cruelly bent and twisted into unnatural forms – often to the point of exploding. PeTAB asks: 

•    Toward what societal end are generations of balloons being tortured and shredded? 
•    Must we feed human vanity with an endless supply of fancy balloon hats? 
•    By entertaining children this way, aren’t we numbing them to brutality? 
•    And why are twisted balloon shapes seldom recognizable, even when explained?

The bane of party clowns everywhere, PeTAB was established in the wake of the destructive mime-clown water balloon riots of 1969. Since then, PeTAB has worked tirelessly to hold a reflective Mylar balloon up to these injustices until society recognizes its ultimate responsibility.

So help pop the myth by joining our elastic ranks today.

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