Top 8 Worst Pick-Up Lines

8.) I’m Joe Paterno, innovator of Penn State’s famed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” defense.

7.) You’ll find I’m generous but not rich – kind of a T.J.Maxx sugar daddy.

6.) Herpes is too coarse a term. I feel “his-and-herpes” captures the silky romance
      far better.

5.) I have a third nipple, but not where you’d expect.

4.) I'm not wearing anything under this man thong. But don't take my word for it.

3.) Since the eyes are already windows to your soul, howza bout a quick peaky-poo
      under that burka.

2.) I was a pageant contestant too! As an altar boy, I was named Best Church Organ.

1.) Don’t sweat it. I'm a genius med student likely to discover a cure for HPV.

         – by Jeff Burdick

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