10 Things NOT Heard at Occupy Chicago

#10 – “Mimosa me.”
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  #9 – “The boss has been riding me pretty hard lately.”

  #8 – “Don't you think Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kinda jumped the shark this

  #7 – “This is technically my ‘fourth place.’ Starbucks is still my third.”

  #6 – “Live web streaming? You mean I could be watching this picture-in-picture at
home right now?”  

  #5 – “Special thanks to the American Girl Store for donating 1% of proceeds from their
 Occupy Wall Street Doll to Outward Bound.”  

  #4 – “A flyover before Sunday’s General Assembly could really legitimize us.”

  #3 – “Okay, we’ll settle for this: Finish melting the polar ice caps, as rising tides
             should lift all 
boats. That's the theory anyhow.

  #2 – “How to score with a bongo dancer? Three words: Axe... Body... Spray.”

  #1 – “How nice to see you Mayor Emanuel.”

                 by "SkitSketchJeff" Burdick

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