NBC/FathomEvents Announce Partnership

In ratings gambit, NBC to move Monday night lineup to FathomEvents

NEW YORK (May 2012) — In a desperate attempt to improve prime-time ratings, NBC has announced shifting its entire Monday lineup to FathomEvents.

“By screening these shows in movie theaters during random and poorly promoted off-hours, we expect to easily double our viewership,” said NBC President Penn Ultimott. “This will also let us project unappreciated classics like Grimm and American Ninja Warrior at a size bigger than Sasquatch, another seldom seen pop culture phenomenon.”

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Ultimott credited the idea to television consultant (and former NBC programming VP) Chas Davenport whose previous fame was taking a pass on The Amazing Race when pitched in 2000.

“I honestly believed they were pitching a documentary series about Scandinavians. But without rights to either the Ace of Bass or A-Ha catalogs, I couldn’t see how we'd attract a strong audience,” Davenport explained.

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