Top 10 Things GenX Will Enjoy at Age 60

    #10 – Charles in Charge, The Musical sweeps the Tonys.

      #9 – A cryogenically reunited Duran Duran.

      #8 – Medicare coverage for botox reduction surgery.

      #7 – Justin Bieber revives Flip haircut as a comb-over.

      #6 – Constant griping about why wholesome classics like Pretty Woman aren’t
               made anymore.

      #5 – Kennedy Center honors crooner Sir Mix-A-Lot for his interpretation of the
               American songbook.

      #4 – Bus trips to Branson, Missouri to again feel the beat of the rhythm of the night
               with El Debarge.

      #3 –  Survivor: Jupiter jumps the shark with staged Jeff Probst alien incubation.

      #2 – 96-year-old Ron Paul finally wins third-party GOP presidential nomination.

      #1 – The one Kardashian who married a white guy will represent “Old Hollywood.”

                    – by Jeff Burdick 

    And for my Top 6 Lessons from Online Dating, enjoy this YouTube video: