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Hi.  I'm Prince Silk Kheldar, just Silk to my friends.  My buddy has finally gotten around to making a web page that has pictures of me, and my "sister" Brittany on it.  I'm 2 years-old and full of mischief when I'm not hogging all of the attention.


This is a picture of me and Brittany that was taken in a field of Bluebonnets, the state flower of the place I live.  I just wanted to get out and run around in the field, but there wasn't a fence to keep me out of a road in front of us.


 Here are a couple of more pictures that were taken today.  We'll get more up soon!!


Here are some more pictures from the past few months.  These are of my sister with one of the horses that she rides, Rio.

 All I wanted was for someone to brush me.  I just loved to be brushed...

Today was bath day.  I really get upset when I have to get a bath, I don't understand how my sister can spend so much time in the tub... humans.

 There was some good that came from getting a bath, I got to go to the park for a birthday party.  Got to see lots of new people and play on the playground.