Private philanthropy

According to a Briskin Consulting estimate, over the next 20 years more than 300,000 private foundations and donor advised funds valued at more than $1trillion may be created as civic-minded baby boomers use their inherited and earned wealth to give on a more strategic basis. 

Wealthy families turn to accountants, attorneys, and financial advisors for advice on charitable giving more than any other source. Professionals have proactively initiate the discussions will have a better chance of making sure their competitors don't land this lucrative business. 

Jeff Briskin has leveraged his experience managing the 2008 Bank of America Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy and his extensive experience developing effective private philanthropy sales and marketing strategies to create two innovative educational programs that can help accountants, attorneys, and financial advisors initiate discussions of philanthropy with their clients and help them understand the options available to them. 

Jeff also offers training programs to help endowment investment committees and board members understand their fiduciary responsibilities

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Foundations 101

While many families are attracted by the strategic giving benefits and prestige of a private foundation, many don't fully understand the complexities and fiduciary responsibilities involved in managing such an organization. Foundations 101 is an interactive workshop that attorneys, accountants and financial advisors can use to help their clients understand these requirements and assess whether a foundation makes sense. It can also be used as a refresher course for clients who already have foundations. Topics include:

  • Elements of an effective mission
  • Expertise needed to manage a foundation
  • IRS mandatory and avoidable taxes
  • Investment considerations
  • The grantmaking process
  • Administrative requirements
  • Trust vs. corporate structure
  • Steps involved in starting a foundation
  • Other charitable giving options if a foundation isn't an appropriate choice.

The workshop consists of a PowerPoint file and printable guide that can be used as is or reformatted using your firm's branding and design standards. Each slide has speaker's notes to aid in understanding and explaining the content.

The Foundations 101 package also includes a license to distribute content from Briskin Consulting's Philanthropic Insights article, "Family Foundations: Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Rewards," to your clients.

Briskin Consulting can also provide in-person or web-based training for workshop instructors.


Philanthropically Thinking

For families that wish to establish a family mission or giving strategy, or for individuals who want to move from a checkwriting approach to one based on an analysis of their beliefs, interests, and priorities, Philanthropically Thinking offers an interactive approach to assess these goals.

Through a series of interactive worksheets, parents and children can analyze their own philanthropic history, giving style, and interests and emerge with a deeper understanding of their vision of a better world and a 'philanthropic action plan' to help make this vision a reality. Topics include:

  • Evaluating your philanthropic history
  • Philanthropic interests
  • Developing a philanthropic vision and mission
  • Creating a charitable "asset allocation"
  • Evaluating charitable giving options
  • Finalizing a philanthropic 'action plan'

The Philanthropically Thinking workshop includes content for worksheets that can be used as is or reformatted using your firm's branding and corporate templates.

It also comes with an instructor's guide that provides guidance for each step of the process.

Briskin Consulting can also provide in-person or web-based training for workshop instructors.

Briskin Consulting can also develop customized marketing programs to help your firm promote its philanthropic capabiltiies as well as provide insights and research to help members of your firm identify strong philanthropic prospects among your clients. For more information, contact Briskin Consulting today. 

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