Briskin Consulting CEO Jeff Briskin is a nationally known financial writer, investment marketing consultant, client researcher and thought leader. 

He served as copywriter, creative director, and marketing executive with some of the nation's largest financial services firms, including Bank of America, Fidelity Investments, U.S. Trust, Pioneer Investments and Columbia Management. In these roles, he created and managed a wide range of cutting-edge online/offline marketing programs, web sites, interactive applications and branding and sales-process re-engineering efforts that helped these companies improve their client acquisition efforts. 

As a client researcher, Jeff is best known for The Briskin Consulting Study of Small-Retirement-Plan-Sponsors, the first research study to reveal the issues that keep small-plan sponsors awake at night and the reasons why they select, stick with and switch plan providers. 

Jeff is also well known in the philanthropic services field for managing the  2008 Bank of America Study of High-Net-Worth Philanthropy, which provides insights into the reasons why wealthy donors give--and stop giving--to charity. 

He current provides a wide range of writing, branding and sales consulting services to mutual fund and ETF companies, hedge funds, and financial advisory firms. 

His articles have appeared in Pensions & Investments, Emerging Manager Focus, Advisor Perspectives, Fidelity Focus and other publications.