Ecommerce applications

Since 1995, Jeff Briskin has been at the forefront of innovation in the development of cutting-edge ecommerce applications for financial services companies and their advisors. From investor education to interactive planning tools, Jeff can help your organization maximize the effectiveness of its online marketing strategies.



Pioneer Investments CyberGuides
Jeff Briskin served as product manager in the creation of Pioneer Investments Financial CyberGuides, artificially intelligent applications that could "converse" with users on more than 5,000 financial planning topics using a plain-English interface.
These bots offered interactive retirement and college planning sessions, investor education, quick links to Pioneer mutual fund information and prospectuses, and the ability to connect the investor with a financial advisor.

WebBuilder and AdvisorMatch
Jeff Briskin served as product manager for the devleopment of WebBuilder and AdvisorMatch, an integrated, self-service tool offering independent financial advisors an inexpensive, turnkey solution for creating and publishing a prospecting web site in an hour or less.
WebBuilder employed a simple web-based interface populated with previously reviewed NASD-reviewed content. including a variety of mission statements and investor educational content. Advisors could upload their logo and photograph, and enter information about their products, services, and credentials. At the end of the process. WebBuilder automatically compiled and published the site online with a customized web site address advisors could use for marketing purposes.