DAPPER Analysis

Many companies with strong products and sound organizational structure are facing challenges articulating their value and capabilities in today's challenging economic environment.
To address these challenges, Jeff Briskin developed a proprietary analytical tool,  DAPPER AnalysisSM.

DAPPER Analysis combines competitive research and industry analysis with in-depth interviews with the firm's  senior management team, product and  client service managers, and sales and marketing professional to gauge their strengths and development needs in six key areas:







The process can also incorporate analysis of documentation, marketing and sales materials, client communications and outside media coverage to build a comparison of the how staff members perceive the firm versus the 'face' it resents to its clients and the general public.

Generally, a DAPPER Analysis project takes between 2-3 months to complete and requires participation from members of all functional areas of the firm. When completed, the firm receives a comprehensive report, an executive summary, and recommendations for leveraging the data to re-engineer sales and marketing process.

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