Ms. Stewart

1st & 3rd Period_Self-Improvement Research Resources:

These sites offer credible information on physical, mental, & emotional well-being and contain information on almost all of the topics listed below.

Web page from Nemours Foundation (an nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health of children), which focuses on all areas of teen health. Topics include mental and physical well-being and address a variety of health-related issues including drugs and alcohol, disease and illness,  self-image, sexual health, etc.

We are Talking website developed by doctors, nurses, social workers, educators and teens to address general, emotional, and sexual health issues. 

The WebMD site is a collaborative effort of physicians, journalists, and community moderators to provide credible reference material on a wide variety of health topics.


Healthy eating                    Time management                Body image

Weight loss                        Stress reduction                    Healthy relationships

Nutrition                            Anger management                            Alcoholism

Muscle gain                        Sleep deprivation                  Smoking-pot/cigarettes


                                                            Being more proactive

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