Mr. Vega

Budget Calculator Go here and enter your monthly net income to get a breakdown of dollar amounts for each Household Expense category.
1. Create a Health Ed. folder in your "My Documents" with Ms. Mercado. Here is where you will store all information for this project.
2. Download "Budget_Template.xlsx" (the file attached to the bottom of this page) and SAVE it in your Health Ed. folder >Save As>Class Period_Last Name_Budget. Do it like this: 1_Mercado_Budget.
3. Watch and follow Ms. Mercado's example as she shows you how to enter your "Budget Calculator Data" into the spreadsheet
4. Save all changes. Use the budget guideline amounts to guide your financial decisions about housing, transportation, daycare, etc.
5. As you choose housing, transportation, daycare, etc., record your actual expenses in the spreadsheet. Upon completion, you will print this out and submit it to Mr. Vega as the "Budget" portion of your project, worth 100 points.
Useful Links for Egg Parent Project Research:





Mortgage Calculator Determine your mortgage payment.  Your interest rate will be 5%.

Craigslist Housing


Car Payment Formula:               Car price/48= your monthly payment

Gasoline Payment Formula:                    # Gallons in tank x price of gas today x 4

Craigslist Cars & Trucks Nanny Listings

SF Bay Area Craigslist Childcare

What Does Infant Care Cost in San Francisco?

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