Ms. Punkar

 1920s Newspaper Project

Library Resources

Books--Books located on the book cart marked "1920s Topics". Books placed on "RESERVE" by teacher for LIBRARY USE ONLY. You may check them out after your LAST library/lab work day.

Encyclopedia Sets (Look up your topic alphabetically--like a dictionary).

Electronic Resources

Gale Database (Courtesy of the Peninsula Public Library System)
1920s Topics--Links under each topic will guide you directly to articles, videos, and other reliable primary resources. ACCESS CODE is stickered above number keypad on right side of keyboard.
Websites--NO WIKIPEDIA. Instructor approval required for any website not listed on this page. in your search term. IGNORE WIKIPEDIA entries.
What's Inside: 1920s--1930s (From The Discovery Channel's"How Stuff Works") website maintained by a 1920s "hobbyist". As scholarly resources are cited, this site is an acceptable source.
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