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Student Rules and Responsibilities for Textbooks

1. All texts are distributed from the library. Once school IDs have been issued, students must have a current, valid Jefferson High School ID card to check out a text. Texts will be entered onto each student's account and students are responsible for all books checked out to them. Do NOT store textbooks issued to you in a classroom, an UNLOCKED locker, or a locker that does not belong to you.


2. All texts are to be returned to the library at the conclusion of the class. Students who drop a class, transfer to a different teacher, or leave Jefferson High School should return their books in person immediately to the library circulation desk. Do not return textbooks issued to you through a teacher, friend, or book drop.


3. All textbooks are to be covered with a non-adhesive book cover. Please do not use tape on the book or the cover. Students should print their name and the teacher’s name in the inside front cover and personalize their book covers to distinguish their books from other student's texts. Students should NOT share lockers as many textbooks are misplaced due to locker sharing.


4. Students are to protect all texts from damage. Students need to report any and all unmarked damages to the library staff within 1 week of checking out materials.


5. Students are asked not to write, underline or highlight in texts, including novels checked out for English classes. Student may use sticky notes, but they must be sure to remove them before returning the book.


6. If a textbook is lost or damaged in any way, student will pay all costs before a new text is issued.


7. All texts checked out to the student must be returned in good, usable condition, with the barcode still attached to the book, at the end of the class. The student will be charged a $5 fee for returning a book without a barcode, and/or if a textbook is left in a locker at the end of the year.


8. Students may have transcripts and/or diplomas withheld and may be excluded from participating in school activities, etc., until all textbooks and library books are returned and outstanding fines are paid.


Damage Descriptions
Barcode missing – Full price of book.
Dirty - book was not covered = $5 up to replacement cost
Edge damage – marks = $5 up to replacement cost

Edge damage – writing = half the price of the book up to replacement cost.

Edge damage – food or liquid = half the price of the book up to replacement cost
Cover/Page damage - marks, scratches $5 up to replacement cost

Cover/Page damage -writing, drawing half the price of the book up to replacement cost

Cove/Page Damage- bent, torn, or missing half the price of the book up to replacement cost
Lost – full replacement cost 
Unusable - stained, mildewed, burned, destroyed, offensive writing/drawing - replacement cost 
Lost & paid, found, returned usable  = Full Refund 

A full refund is issued for items lost and paid for when returned in good, usable condition before the end of the school year or ordering of replacement—whichever comes first.


Education Codes
19910 Malicious Cutting, Tearing, Defacing, Breaking or Injuring Library Property
19911 Willful Retention of Library Property 
48904 Willful Misconduct; Limit of Liability of Parent or Guardian 
Withholding Grades, Diplomas or Transcripts of Students causing Property damage or Injury Transfer of Permanent Enrollment and Scholarship Record