Wedding Planning


Jeff & Em Home 

The Engagement


The St. Louis Botanical Gardens

Jeff and Emily decided to take a trip to St. Louis to visit Jeff's parents. There had been some talk of getting engaged, so Emily thought it might happen while they were in St. Louis (especially since Jeff had once told her that he had only been to one place in the whole world that he had thought to himself “This would be a great place to get engaged” and that place happened to be near St. Louis). Emily also knew that Jeff had gotten her the ring. She had actually seen it when he wasn't thinking one day and had brought it along so he could show her mom and dad. Emily just knew something up because of the way he was shifting around uncomfortably in the car because it was in his pocket. It was useless for Jeff to hold off Emily's attempts to dig it out because he was the one driving. ;)

Anyone who knows Emily at all knows that she hates flying more than anything else in the whole wide world. The trip to St. Louis was supposed to be one quick flight from Des Moines to St. Louis and was supposed to take about an hour. But, the plane ended up being delayed because of storms, and Jeff and Emily were sent through Chicago instead, and the whole ordeal way longer than it was supposed to, and Emily quickly became very cranky.

Hoping to make Emily feel better, Jeff suggested she get her ring in the Des Moines airport. To which Emily replied “NO WAY! You're making me fly to this place that you say is perfect and you made me wait this long, so we're going to do it right!” with angry eyebrows involved. She changed her mind in the air somewhere between Chicago and St. Louis, but Jeff, almost certainly remembering the angry eyebrows, would not give in.

The next day, Jeff and Emily decided to go to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens. It was very hot, and Emily became irritable after about an hour and a half into the visit. However, she cheered up when they got to feed the ducks and when she offered some duck food to a little girl sitting next to her. The little girl would take one pellet of food, say “Thank you!” and throw it to the ducks. Then she would take another pellet of food, say “Thank you!” and throw it to the ducks. This process continued for at least five minutes, and put Emily in a much better mood.

After feeding the ducks, Jeff and Emily headed off to visit the Japanese Garden part. They walked up a hill that had a cute little gazebo at the top. And then there was a path that went down to the pond where they had been feeding the duckies earlier. So they decided to walk down that path because there were some cool rocks to sit on and watch the ducks and people. At the bottom, Emily started to get impatient and was wondering when the heck she was going to get her ring and where in the world this perfect place was. Jeff shushed her and told her to look around while he sneakily got the ring out of his pocket. Little did he know, Emily heard him and sneaked a look and saw the little black box. And then, it happened! Jeff got down on one knee and asked Emily to marry him because he couldn't imagine his life without her.

After that, Emily was much less cranky, especially when they headed back to air conditioning. Jeff likes to laugh about how he thinks Emily had this “Can you just shut up so I can have the ring?!”look on her face. She was really thinking “Yay! I love this boy and I get to keep him! Now can we get into some air conditioning?” 

The Ring!  Emerald cut pink sapphires and diamond.  Jeff did very well! :)

 Planning Stuff

 Matron & Maid of Honor Dresses and Bridesmaid's Dresses

Made by Nicole Miller.  They are in this color.  MOHs dresses have a draped front, and Bridesmaid's dresses have a draped back.


Here's my "Something Blue" belly ring.


The necklace and earring set I picked out.  The pink matches the beading in my dress, and my ring.


I found this tiara in STL while wedding dress shopping with my future Mother in Law.  I loved it, but for some reason didn't buy it.  She knew I loved it, so she went back later and bought it for me and sent it to me.  :)


My shoes.  The crystal flowers make me happy.


I love shimmer veils, so that's what I got.  It shimmers in the sunlight.

 Here are our Save the Date cards and magnets we made.


My future MIL is making our invites.  They're fun to design.  :)  I especially love the envelope she made with the iridescent hearts.


The front and the inside.  She stamped hearts on the inside; they photograph a bit odd, but I like them in real life.


Here's her finishing touch on the back.  


Here are the maps I made in Paint.  They were hard work; I'm glad they turned out so well.  I just wasn't a fan of giving out google maps to my guests.  Nobody got lost, so it seems they worked!  :)


Serving sets are ugly.  We just picked out a plain old boring one that we might actually use again someday.  


We're giving lucky bamboo as our favors.  We got these pots from IKEA and then designed the tags.  Then we tied them on with some pink raffia and put on a dot of hot glue to keep them from slipping.  


The ceremony is going to be held at Saint Thomas Aquinas.