The Wedding

in no particular order . . .  (click them to enlarge)

Jeff & Em Home 


My mother in law and grandmother in law made cupcakes for the rehearsal dinner.  They were amazing!


We didn't want to do arranged seating, so we decided to use paper cranes to identify which entree our guests were getting.  The place cards obviously let people know which color crane to pick up.  Jeff made them all.  I was glad.  



Our head table, complete with paper cranes.


Our very exciting tables.


The dining room.


Our cake table; who woulda thought the heart would be hard to make?



My Grandma checking out the lucky bamboo favors.


The sparklers, bamboo and the gift bags for the bamboo to be taken home in.

My cousin playing in the baptismal font.  :)


Gettin' smooched!


The rings make it official.  ;)


My fantastic cousins - I couldn't have asked for better bridesmaids!


Milk.  It does a body good!


My Daddy doesn't smile well in pictures, so I was workin' hard to get him to smile in this one.  It worked a little bit!  :)


Jeff and I like this picture.  I think I'm saying "Look over there!" and he's saying "No! Your show has been cancelled!" in a British Clive Pearce accent.


Jeff & I with my Grandma & Grandpa.  Miss you Grandpa!


My father in law.



Jeff & I.



Getting swallowed up by the dress.  :)



My cousins are awesome, and very photogenic.   


*sniffle* They grow up so fast! *sniff*


Whoever took this picture of my little brother did good.  And I guarantee it wasn't the photographer. :-p


Playing Candyland with the kiddos.  The games were a huge hit!


My new family


 My original family!


My FIL with his sparkler at the sparkler send-off.  


There were balloons in our getaway vehicle! 


My favorite picture - it has everyone in it except my MIL.  :(  She was MIA, and we didn't notice until it was too late.