Our Pets


 Jeff & Em Home

Summit's Story

Summit is our first baby. We adopted her shortly after we got married. We believe she’s mostly Turkish Angora. She’s the softest cat in the world, and is now Princess of our apartment. She’s very friendly and so far loves every person she’s met. Actually, she’s a pretty big attention whore if you don’t immediately say "hi" to her when you walk in.

About a 2 years ago, Summit showed up on the steps of a half-way house located on Summit street. That’s how she got her name. It was a dark and stormy night (really) and she was pregnant and starving (also really). A kind resident took her in and hid her for a few weeks until he could find a no-kill shelter that would take her in. He bought her a few toys, a litterbox and some litter, and some food with the little money he had. He wanted to keep her, but apparently cats weren’t allowed in a place where people are trying to straighten out and start their lives over. 



This is Summit. She is the nicest type of butt-warmer to have. 

There are Summit’s Yoda ears. She was in rough shape when we got her with some ear & eye infections. This is what happens when you give Summit ear drops. 

 Summit is a very curious cat. 

 She is also very good at supervising to make sure we do things properly.

She is a huge fan of Scrabble and can kick your butt any day. 

Clearly, you should fear your competition. 

This is how she frequently watches over her kingdom.  

And this is how she oversees the preparation of her food.

She knows she’s the prettiest of us all. 

It’s damn hard ruling our apartment.  


Mitzie's Story

Mitzie is our 2nd baby. We got her because Summit needed a friend. She didn’t know it or believe it at first, but she seems to have (mostly) changed her mind.

We got Mitzie when she was a super tiny kitten. She was so small she could fit inside one of the Cosmic Catnip Alpine Scratchers – the part where the toy mouse is. She used to hide out in there before Summit decided it was good to have a friend. She came from the same rescue as Summit. She has extra toes on her front feet, which is why we call her Mitzie (it makes her look like she’s wearing mittens). In truth, her real name is Miss Mitzie Trinity. She does Matrix style jumps all around our apartment. She was kitten-napped with some other kittens out of a hoarder’s yard by the shelter. 


Mitzie is a mama’s girl. She always has been, since the day we got her and I kept her zipped up in my vest all day to keep her away from the big scary white cat.


Mitzie plays hard.  


We're pretty sure she’s a dog in cat’s clothes. 

She likes to relax in her hammock after some wall jumps.  

Mitzie is pretty protective of her lap.

But sometimes every now and then, she's willing to give it up if there's a nice blanket involved.

Or sometimes a pillow.  She's sort of a pillow hog.

"What?!?!" Mitzie exclaims.  "I am not a pillow hog!"


"I am gorgeous!"

"You best not disagree with me!"

Other Furbabies

Dixie Lee

This is Dixie.  She was my family's German Shorthair Pointer.  I came home from work one day, and she was there.  :)  When Dixie was about 6 months old, she started having seizures and was diagnosed with canine epilepsy.  Her seizures were mostly food and weather related.  We had to end her suffering when she was just 3 years old and it was heartbreaking.  I miss her ears and her butt wiggles every day.




This is Caper dog.  She belongs to Jeff's parents.  She is solid like a brick, but really cute.  She loooooves pancakes.  And she even liked Summit when we brought her along for Christmas one year.  Summit, on the other hand, felt very differently!




Walter belongs to my aunt and uncle. He’s a Poodle mix.  I adore him!



This is a picture of Paddy – based on when he opened his eyes, he was born around Saint Patrick’s day, which is why I named him that. He was a baby bunny that I attempted to save and raise. His mom was killed by a co-worker’s dog, and she needed someone to try and save the surviving bun. The DNR and other various places wouldn’t take a wild baby bunny, so I decided to try.  Unfortunately, he didn't survive.  :(