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Jeff and Emily met on a little bit before Christmas of 2003. Jeff saw Emily's picture posted on match, and decided she had a great eyes and smile.  "What the hell," he thought, and winked at her.  Emily received the wink and thought Jeff was pretty adorable with beautiful eyes himself and decided to return the wink. Emily had decided to discontinue using match the very day Jeff received the wink from Emily and e-mailed her. Luckily, she provided an alternate e-mail address for him to e-mail her at. Several e-mails, instant messages and phone conversations later, they decided to meet. Unfortunately, Emily had a great aunt pass away on the day they were supposed to get together and had to cancel. :( They decided, instead, to get together on New Year's Eve, and they did. Emily's first impression of Jeff was that he was a little shorter than his picture, but he was still adorable and she knew instantly she could trust him. Jeff's first impression of Emily was that she had a beautiful smile in real life, too. And not one of the superficial kinds.

A few months later, Jeff and Emily were engaged.  You can read all about it in the planning bio.  Jeff and Em were married in Iowa on July 2, 2005.  After a honeymoon in California, Jeff helped Emily pack up her stuff and move to Boston. 

 Jeff will be graduating from school soon.  Hopefully, Jeff and Em will be moving to the Oregon  for Jeff to start his new job!