At The Moment on Our Adventure

November, 2013

As change in our situation again appears imminent, we find our focus turning inward (the converse is just as true: as our focus turns inward, change appears imminent.) In both cases, we are challenged with living our truth. In our minds, we make our simple lives complex as we talk, meditate, and write to discover our true desires separate from our circumstances (now or in an imagined future.)

Since leaving Jeff’s sister in Minnesota last February, we have been living in Massachusetts. During our first couple months here, we painted, cleaned, and restored a house to be a home and helped move two families. Summer included a great deal of outdoor time, including two vegetable gardens (one built from scratch in the very rocky soil of New England), hiking in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and the mountains of New Hampshire (much with Jeff’s daughter, her boyfriend, and his grandson), and playing tourist when family visited … as well as many last-minute adventures around the area and to the ocean. We also had the opportunity to help new friends refurbish their rental property between tenants.

We are surrounded by those who love us and have the privilege of daily applying our lives to actively loving those near us.

Yet we want more.

We are enroute to waking up to reality, creating a path for ourselves we know does not need to be taken. We are awake enough to know circumstances are irrelevant to further awakening, yet asleep enough to still perceive a pathway; albeit a pathway to get to where we are right now.

So what is next for us? Since we eschew planning, we focus on understanding the desires of our hearts, challenging ourselves to remove circumstances, timelines, and expectations. Awakening is our goal, but it is a goal born within a dream. We are left only with a desire to know ourselves better, believing love is our core. The more we discard lies to the contrary, the more we experience peace and contentment … and the more we see that same peace and contentment in those around us. As many have said before, we want to be the change we want to see.

Our desires (as we understand them now):

·   To see only love in the people and world around us,

·   to immerse ourselves in the natural world,

·   to experience community with others focused on awakening,

·   to serve others,

·   to further reduce our perceived need for money, and

·   to focus intently on knowing ourselves and remove perceived barriers.

For the desires still associated with circumstances, we want to remove any specific expectation of how these desires will be met; believing the fulfillment of our desires will come to us simply by a deepening awareness of those desires.

The Mountain 

A book about the nature of us.

“The Mountain” tells the story of who we are, how we discovered ourselves, how this knowing has changed our lives, and how it can change the world. Told through poetry, short stories, and essays, “The Mountain” expresses the inward journey that exposed the truth of ourselves and the world around us.

Our Adventure

On August 1, 2010, we headed beyond the horizon and into our essence to discover who we are. We started walking across the United States from Kansas City toward Boston. There was no real destination – except to know ourselves, which is the only thing we believe is important.

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