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Carwash chain says 'no' to Jeep Grand Cherokees,  Professional Carwash & Detailing,

Question: Why would Waterway Carwash, an extremely professional and well respected, multi-location carwash chain that washes thousands of cars each and every day feel the need to single out and ban only Jeep Grand Cherokees when they process numerous other vehicle makes and models?  Is it to turn away business?  Is it to annoy their customers?  

Answer:  Because Waterway Carwash (like many other carwash businesses) has experienced an exponentially disproportionate and unacceptable number of sudden acceleration incidents involving Jeep Grand Cherokees when compared to all other vehicles they handle and based on empirical data have prioritized the safety of their customers and staff.  I applaud Waterway and other carwashes too that have banned Jeep Grand Cherokees from their facilities.  -DN. 

By the way, does anyone else find it at all interesting that Chrysler quickly blames Sudden Acceleration on the carwash employees, the very same employees who handle numerous other types of vehicles without incident?  What about the fact that Chrysler also fails to acknowledge (conveniently I might add) that there are numerous Sudden Acceleration incidents at exterior carwashes with the Jeep owner operating the vehicle, not the car wash employee!  Why is it that Chrysler fails to mention those two details?  See the video clips on the Jeep SUA Incidents Page of Jeeps flying out of carwashes that are being operated by its owner, not a carwash employee.

WIVB Driver: Jeep accelerates on its own Man Wants Replacement Vehicle

Updated: Thursday, 29 Apr 2010, 2:15 PM EDT
Published : Thursday, 29 Apr 2010, 6:53 AM EDT

Springville, New York - Peter Swales of Springville continues to drive his 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee despite his claims that the vehicle accelerated on its own three separate times.

Swales says the first time it happened was in a church parking lot in March. "I mean it took off like a bullet," said Swales. "I had my foot hard on the brake, and it lurched forward and hit a car in front of me, spun it perpendicular. And in the process damaged three other cars." No one was injured, but Swales' insurance company paid out over $10,000 in property damage claims.

Posted Sept. 18, 2011

"On July 2, 2011 I was moving my sons 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee  from the street, into our driveway, all I did was pull the vehicle forward a bit past our driveway,I had my foot on the brake the whole time because this Jeep is a HEMI and very powerful so I didn't need to give it any gas.  then I put the Jeep in reverse, to back it in, and that's when the Jeep basically just peeled out on me, (going backwards) It all happened so fast ,and I did not want to hit the other vehicles already parked in my driveway , so I pushed on the brake as hard as possible but there was no stopping the Jeep (it was if I had my foot on the Gas Pedal) because of the sound it made, ( I DID NOT)

The Jeep Hit my  2006 Pontiac with such force it caused it to back into our 2001 highlander then drove thru our neighbors 6ft stockade fence knocking 3 sections then  hit my neighbors 2009 Toyota corrola that's how the Jeep came to a stop, had the neighbors car not been there I would have been in the neighbors house, The Jeep was damaged the worst,around $8,000 .I wish it was a total loss, because I am very worried about my son now.  The other 3 vehicles had quite a bit of damage too.

I am now stuck with $450.00 surcharge and my insurance company took away my 140.00 good driver credit for the next 6 years.  All because This Jeep Accelerated out of control and the brakes did not work.

The insurance company had the Jeep professionally checked out and told me there was no problem found.

I sure found some problems on the internet.  this is so unfair. and no lawyer will help me. Can you ?
It's funny how many stories sound just like mine.  Chrysler needs to fix this Dangerous problem now. who should I contact to report what happened to me in the company ?

please if you can help me with any info.


Car wash employee killed, another hurt after hit by SUV driven by co-worker

By Clarence Williams
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Rockville car wash employee was fatally struck at work Wednesday and a co-worker was critically injured when a third employee apparently lost control of an SUV as he tried to drive it across a parking lot, Montgomery County police said.

The two men were pinned by the Jeep Grand Cherokee about 5:40 p.m. at the Flagship Carwash in the 700 block of Hungerford Drive, Cpl. Dan Friz said. The Jeep apparently was unoccupied as it moved through the automated car wash, Friz said. When the wash ended, an employee tried to drive the SUV to the drying area.

The Jeep suddenly shot across the lot, striking Gavino Euseda, 48, of Hyattsville and Oscar Eusebio, 44, of Northwest Washington, and the vehicle dragged both men across a two-lane road, Friz said. The SUV then slammed the men into a telephone pole support wire and crashed into a curb.

The victims were pinned under the vehicle and had to be removed by rescuers. Euseda died at a hospital about an hour later, Friz said. Eusebio was in critical but stable condition. Police identified the driver as Julio Cesar Coreas-Portillo, 27, of Silver Spring.

The investigation continued Wednesday night, Friz said.

April 3, 2010  Missing woman found dead in SUV (Cincinnati, OH)

Family friend spots Fairfield grandmother’s vehicle at the bottom of a 25-foot embankment.

By Tiffany Y. Latta and Lauren Pack, Staff Writers

FAIRFIELD — A Fairfield grandmother reported missing earlier this week was found dead in her vehicle Friday, April 2, at the bottom of a steep embankment.

Claudette Douglas, 68, was found about 2:15 p.m. in her vehicle at the bottom of a 25-foot embankment in a tree-lined area at the end of Acme Drive, near Ohio 4.

The cause of death is under investigation, police said.

A family friend found Douglas after a search around Mike’s Express Car Wash, 4025 Acme Drive, where she was last seen at 1 p.m. Sunday, March 28.

The friend followed tire tracks leading to brush near the embankment and called police when she saw Douglas’ black Jeep Cherokee, said Kimberly Douglas, the victim’s daughter-in-law....continued...

Feb. 23, 2010, Letter to U.S. House Representative Henry Waxman
by: David Bizzak (see PDF file at the bottom of this page).

Feb. 1, 2010, Albuquerque, NM
Worker Killed in car wash accident - Click Here
Reported by KRQE, Channel 13

“There needs to be fundamental reform at N.H.T.S.A.,” Mr. Waxman said.
“As I look at the record, it’s not a happy one. It’s not a successful one.”
February 23, 2009, U.S. House Representative Henry Waxman, Chairman, House Energy and Commerce Committee
New York

SUA OVERVIEW - revised 4/17/2015

Sudden Unintended Acceleration (SUA) or Sudden Acceleration Incidents (SAI) involving Jeep Cherokees/Grand Cherokees was reported by Diane Sawyer in a March 1997 ABC News Primetime segment -- and the "phenomenon" still exists today!
What I am providing here is an overview of my history regarding Jeep Sudden Unintended Acceleration (SUA).  I have been casually researching Jeep SUA for almost ten years and subsequently amassed a plethora of relevant research documents and news reports, all publicly available, as well as dozens of first-hand accounts and video clips of Jeep Sudden Unintended Acceleration incidents.  My intent is to simply share my information through this web site.  I am not writing on behalf of any organization, association or group and that may have or currently belong to.  I do not represent any entity other than myself.

Sudden Unintended Acceleration (SUA) also referred to as a Sudden Acceleration Incident (SAI) have been reported with many different types of vehicle makes and models and have occurred in numerous environments - parking garages, bank drive-up tellers, airports, home garages, traffic lights, mechanic shops, etc., and may be caused by driver error, pedal entrapment or as many believe, mechanical failure.

Nevertheless, I
have owned and operated a multiple location, conveyor car wash business for 20 years and have served as board member on various trade associations.  Over my career and having washed an estimated 1 million vehicles, I have had four SUA incidents at my car wash locations and all four, 100% of the incidents, involved Jeep Grand Cherokees that suddenly accelerated upon start-up.  I know of another car wash operator who has washed several times the number of cars as my locations, let's say seven million cars washed, who reports nine cases of SUA, and eight of the nine involved a Jeep brand product , seven were Jeep Grand Cherokees.  Combined, the two of us have had 13 SUA incidents and 11 of the 13 incidents, out of the eight million + cars that we have collectively handled, involved the Jeep Grand Cherokee, a statistical impossibility!  The highly disproportionate number of SUA incidents involving Jeep Grand Cherokees as compared to all other makes/models combined undoubtedly calls for further investigation.  
I believe that the public needs to be fully informed of the SUA history involving Jeep Grand Cherokees, a very popular vehicle.  It is fact that SUA incidents that have occurred at conveyor car washes involve Jeep Grand Cherokees at a rate of occurrence that is extraordinarily high and disproportionate when compared in totality to all vehicle brands and models serviced at conveyor car washes.  The most popular vehicle brands/models sold in the U.S and subsequently the most popular vehicles serviced by car washes, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and the Ford Taurus, are washed in far greater numbers than Jeep Grand Cherokees, yet the number of SUA incidents involving these brands/models, even if combined, pale in comparison to the occurrence rate involving Jeep Grand Cherokees.  
Please review the topics in the sidebar on the left of this page with video clips, articles citing Jeep SUA incidents, links and resources, etc.
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Doug Newman
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Doug Newman,
Feb 23, 2010, 9:16 AM