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We're a new FREE server and we do not ask for donations.  We have worlds within worlds so you can play the you like to play Minecraft.  Earn cool weekly rewards.  The more you play the better the rewards.  JeeperzCreeperz is a family friendly server that strives for fun!  We do not tolerate any cussing, trolling racism.

We have worlds within worlds so you can play Minecraft your way.

Island World:  This is SkyBlocks replacement.  Create your island and build it the way you like it.  If you like to build by yourself, lock your island so only you have access or invite friends to help you build.  Mine emeralds in Survival World, cash them at the bank and use the cash to start your own Island World chestshop.  Money is the only thing that can be brought to Island World.

Survival Worlds:  Gather everything you need in the Wilds, Nether and End Worlds to build your home and / or chestshop on your claimed land in the Build World and Shopping World.  Claimed land has Grief Preventions in effect so the only people that can build on your land are you and friends you allow.  Wilds, Nether and End Worlds are reset weekly so always lots of resources to choose from.

Fun Worlds:  Creative World where you build what you want on a 50 x 50 plot.  As long as your buildings are aesthetically pleasing, 50 x 50 plots are unlimited. If you like Parkour, Parkour World has an abundance of courses from very easy to hardcore.

Our Family Friendly rules:

1. No swearing including symbols or acronyms, absolutely NO trolling.
2. Do not make major land changes to your claim and then abandon it.
3. Do not build pointless structures.  Do not block other users in.
4. No billboards or advertising of any kind. 
5. Collect materials only in the Wilds, Nether or End World.
6. You must log in at least once every 60 days or your character and anything connected to your character is removed from this server.
7. Using exploits, cheats, etc to gain an unfair advantage is cause for immediate ban.