Purchase a KLM-367 circuit board clone to fix your Polysix

If your Korg Polysix has failed due to battery corrosion on the KLM-367a PCB, a new PCB may be your solution. These PCBs were a joint work with Andrew Jury (of The Synth Professor) and myself and have been available since 2009. Thousands have been successful built and installed around the globe.

AVAILABILITY: PCBs are in stock and ready to ship. The price is $20 plus shipping. Shipping is $8 to the US, $27 to Canada, and $36 to anywhere else in the world for up to 10 PCBs. All shipping is actual price to me, rounded up to the nearest dollar, based on USPS Priority Mail flat rate envelopes. International shipping typically takes about two or three weeks, depending on how fast things go through customs. Most order are packaged and shipped within one business day.

All prices are in US Dollars.

PLEASE NOTE: These are bare PCBs only. If you are ordering this board you must have the experience necessary to purchase and solder all the necessary component pieces to build a working unit (including calibration after assembly), or be able to hire someone to do the job for you. Also please note that there are a couple of small, known errors on these PCBs that you must correct for your synth to function correctly. The errors are easy to fix. See the "Bugs/Errors" page for details.

ORDER through PayPal: (no PayPal account required -- just click the "Continue" button on the next page to use a credit card). Be sure to update your shipping information if your order is not in the US.

Important note for international orders: Shipping costs keep going up. I wish there was a better option out there but at present USPS continues to be the least expensive option. In addition, due to the poor shipping options I cannot provide any warranty or refund for international orders. All international orders are made at your own risk – I will not provide a refund if the package never arrives or is misdelivered by your local postal service. That said, I have shipped hundreds of PCBs internationally using the US Postal Service and they have only let me down once. Unfortunately, there is no cost-effective way for me to provide insurance or tracking information for international shipments. (I have looked and the costs do not make sense – they are far more than the cost of a single PCB.)

There are third-party mail forwarding services (shipito.com, myus.com, bongous.com, etc.) that can provide a wider array of shipping options than I can (including potentially faster and/or cheaper alternatives, insurance, and tracking numbers). I have not used any of these services and I do not take any responsibility for your order if you choose to use a mail-forwarding service. However, if you use a mail forwarding service, your order will be insured and have a tracking number for the part of its journey that is in the United States. I am providing this information to give international customers another option to think about.

One last note: These PCBs are offered as a service to the synth community and I don't really make any money selling them. (Consider the price of tiny guitar pedal PCBs vs this giant board if you don't believe me). I am not an electrical engineer and I can't really help you troubleshoot your repairs. I am just a guy who used to own a broken Polysix and wanted to figure out how to restore it.

Warmest regards,

Jed Jorgensen

jed.jorgensen (hold down the shift key and press "2") gmail.com

Page last updated: May 30, 2020