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This is an archive of my past work. Please, take your time and go through each of the pics of the figures. Click the thumbnails to enlarge!



501st Sniper (Battlefront) 


501st Shadow Clone


Anakin Skywalker Clone Wars Volume 2


Arc Trooper Commandos And Clone Armor Plo Koon

Clone Trooper Space Armor

Clone Wars Arc Gunship Pilots


Crab Droid (more movie accurate)

 Darktrooper (Accurate Paint)


DC Superheroes Giganta 12 inch

General Grievous (Added articulation!)


Firefly ARAH


Imperial Security Officer


Kal Skirata (Republic Commando Novels)


Kratos V1 (ML SCALE)


Kratos V2 (ML SCALE)


Kyle Katarn V1

Luke Skywalker Tatooine

Luke Skywalker Ceremonial

Luke Skywalker Bespin Fatigues

Luke Skywalker DS2 Outfit

Mace Windu SA (pre 30th release)


ML Sunfire / Famine


Black Zarak (Energon Scorpy Repaint)


Roron Corobb


Saesee Tiin Clone Space Armor

Silver Armor Clone


Super Battle Droid (Republic Commando Game) 


Urban Tactics Arc Trooper

Voolviff Monn (Clone Wars) 


Luke, Jaina Jacen, Anakin....older stuff


Blaze Trooper and Laser Trooper


 Covert Ops Clone


 Black Ops Clone Commander


501st Commander and clones


Random Clone Commanders


Obi Wan clone armor


Utapau Shadow Commander

Pre Hasbro Commander Cody 





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