Here you will find a gallery of my Customs. They are primarily Star Wars, but there are a couple others in the Other Customs link to the side. I am open to commissions on any type of action figure, so get in touch and lets discuss what you are after!

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Star Wars Vehicles

Guest Customizer Darth Soundwaves Customs!

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My Custom Archive....Customs from the past!


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Kal Skirata In Mando Armor!


Juhani Knights of the Old Republic


Bastila Shan KOTOR V2



Mission Vao KOTOR


Zaalbar the Wookie (KOTOR)


Titanium Man (Iron Man Movie)


KOTOR Bastila Shan


KOTOR Jolee Bindo


Iron Man Hydro Armor...Modernized!


Kamakura (25th Anniversary Joe Style)

Red Hulk 12 inches! Marvel Legends

Obi Wan Kenobi Episode 2

Kyle Katarn V.2

Grand Admiral Thrawn V.2

Elite Long Range Arc Trooper

Hulk Buster Iron Man (Hulk/Iron Man Movie)

Iron Monger Light Up Eyes and Chest V2

Iron Monger, Light up head and eyes (Iron Man Movie!)

Darth Caedus (Jacen Solo)

WW3 Storm Shadow (Devils Due)

Iron Man Movie Stealth Armor

Arc Trooper Jedi Hunter/Assassin

Republic Commando Maquette (Bronze Repainted to Color!)

Star Wars Vehicles


Jedi Master K'kruhk

Republic Commandos (3 3/4")

Old (Pre Scorch) Republic Commandos

Hunt For Grievous Arcs...the way it shoulda been!


Zuckuss (Bounty Hunter, Super Articulated with Soft Goods)

Mara Jade (Heavily Repainted Head)

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Null Arc Trooper

Mandalorian based off of a fan's costume



Archives....if you dont see it here, its in the archives!




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