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My Custom Figure Archive (my past works!)

  • 8-30-08

Its been quite a while. Been working on some commissions, so I am slow on the ebay stuff. I decided to post up some of my customs that have never made it to ebay, and some others that have and didnt sell the first time around. Check out my listings (link to the left side of the screen!), and also check out my updated pics of my Kal Skirata in Mando Armor...also on ebay! Click on the text link to get to the gallery!

Kal Skirata In Mando Armor!

  • 8-7-08

Hi everyone. I have been working on archiving some of my work, and am changing up the links on certain figures in my gallery. If you see something that does not work, please shoot me an email and let me know. I think I have it all right, but you never know!

  • 8-3-08

More KOTOR figures for you fans of Knights of the Old Republic. Made another Bastila Shan, since I have had a ton of emails after my last one. Also, Mission Vao, Zaalbar the Wookie, and Juhani, the Cathar jedi. Some awesome figures in here, and as always, they are up on to my auctions is to the left of the screen. And please, if you want to visit the galleries for these figures, click on the text link! Titanium Man is also back up for auction this week, since I never did get him posted on the forums I visit!

Juhani Knights of the Old Republic

Bastila Shan KOTOR V2


Mission Vao KOTOR

Zaalbar the Wookie (KOTOR)


  • 7-25-08

Update again! Tonite its just for a Custom Titanium Man I made using the Iron Man Movie Titanium Man. Added some stuff to him, so check him out, and as always click on the text link to view the gallery! Also up on ebay, so check my items for sale in the left side menu!

Titanium Man (Iron Man Movie)


  • 7-18-08

Update maniac this week! Here is another one for your viewing enjoyment. This time it is two highly desireable Star Wars Kotor Figures....since Hasbro does not seem to have much interest in making them Jolee Bindo and Bastila Shan. This is the start of a whole lineup that I am going to work on. I will be doing most of the main characters from KOTOR, then I will move on to KOTOR2. Hopefully by then, I will be able to start on some figures from a game I am highly hoping for....KOTOR3. I heard a rumor, but hopefully it is accurate! Anyhow, clickie on the text links for the galleries for these two!

KOTOR Bastila Shan

KOTOR Jolee Bindo


As always, please remember to check out my ebay listings. These two will be up at around 9 Pacific/12 Eastern time, as I am utilizing the ability to start the listings at an assigned time. Also up are my Hydro Armor Iron Man, and My 25th Kamakura, and the Hulk is in his last hours now! Link to my auctions is in the left tab of this page!


  • 7-16-08

Finally getting back into the swing of things with some customs for you guys tonite. I reimagined the Hydro Armor for Iron Man, and also made an awesome rendition of Kamakura for the 25th line. Make sure to check out the galleries on these guys by clicking the text link, and as always these are up on ebay for anyone interested in bidding/buying them! Red Hulk is also back up for anyone interested....he has a buy it now or best offer option, so make offers, just be fair. You know a lot of hard work goes into making each and every one of these customs!

Iron Man Hydro Armor...Modernized!


Kamakura GI Joe 25th Style

  • 7-4-08

HAPPY4THOF JULY!!!!!!!! I have an update for you guys tonite....Red Hulk, 12 inches, and as usual, he is up on ebay. I also relisted my ANH Luke and ROTJ DS2 Luke, so check out my link to my auctions on the left panel. As always to view the gallery for Red Hulk,click on the text link!

Red Hulk 12 inches! Marvel Legends


Also, it has been a while since I put up a New Poll, so check out the newest one. I am asking about what figure you would like to see next! There is a mix of 3 and 3/4 stuff in there, since that won my "what scale stuff do you want to see more of from me?" poll. Please be sure and toss in a vote. Ill let it run for about 30 days or so! Check it out below my ads to the right of the screen, and please, be sure to visit my sponsors. And place some orders with them through my site. Its for a good cause! Thanks in advance!

  • 6-23-08

Finally, another update. I got my commissions finished, which will be shown soon. On the other hand, while I was working on those, I have been finishing up some others, and modding as well. 3 new page updates today, along with 4 auctions that will be up soon. Check my link to the left of the page to get to my for sale items.  Included is Obi Wan Episode 2, Kyle Katarn V.2, Luke Tattooine, and Luke DS2!

Obi Wan Kenobi Episode 2

Kyle Katarn V.2

Grand Admiral Thrawn V.2

  • 6-11-08

Yep, its been quite some time since I had an update to share. Fortunately some updates are coming soon. I have had some personal issues with my son, who spent a week in the hospital, and needed constant attention for a while afterwards. But I am playing catch up at this point, and am almost finished with 2 commissions that I have been working on, and will have lots of new stuff soon. Spending a week in the hospital gives you a lot of time to come up with ideas, thats for sure! But to tide you over til then, I have 3 auctions that will be posted at about Midnight EST tonight, so be sure to come back and check out the link to my auctions to the left of the page!

  • 5-22-08

Okay, I have once again relisted my Jedi Master K'kruhk custom. This is truly the last time though. 10 days, buy it now or best offer. Make those offers while its up, because when the auction ends, the only way to get it will be to contact me directly. I know I said I would not list it again, but the buy it now or best offer seems like a likely way to get interested buyers to communicate more with me during the process. Thanks again for looking guys, and good luck!

Jedi Master K'kruhk ebay listing

  • 5-21-08

Okay, I said I would have another up, and here it is! Elite Long Range Arc Trooper. Click the text link for the gallery!

Elite Long Range Arc Trooper

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