Elite Long Range Arc Trooper

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This is a follow up to my first Elite Long Range Arc Trooper...which is called Null Arc Trooper in my gallery. I used a AOTC Super Articulated Clone trooper as the base, with a Galactic Marine Backpack, the pauldron and rangefinder from the Hunt For Grievous Arc, and the Kama from a ROTS Clone Commander. New pouch, and leg straps were made from vinyl. The pad on the right shoulder was made from a tank gunner shoulder pad with the back part of the tank gunner add on helmet over it. The heavy pistol was made from the smaller clone blaster handle, and the muzzle of General Grievous' handgun. Given a gray paintjob, then I used Games Workshop ink to do the blue parts. Other parts were made form various bits from my parts bin.


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