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I am more than willing to do commissions. I don't have a set price scale, as everything varies. Please email me with what you want, and any ideas you have on what type of articulation, any sculpting you would like done, etc, and I can get a better idea of the amount of time it would take, and get a price. In most all cases, unless I have figures on hand to work with, i would ask that you provide the parts. Of course paint and sculpting material, I have, but my parts bin is finite, so there is a likelihood that I don't have the parts needed to do the custom. Also, if you are a sculptor, and just can't get the painting thing down, I am willing to do that as well. I am also willing to work with statues and other higher end stuff. Just realize, shipping to me, and back to you is your responsibility. And also, these things do take time, and I will be as timely as possible, and try to give you an idea ahead of time. In most cases, I will expect payment up front. Sometimes, depending on the situation, I would take half. If you need references, please ask. You can find me under the username jeditaz on most message forums, although there are some that I dont frequent. I am mostly on the forums at Rebelscum though, where I have plenty of feedback from people I have traded with, and some that I have sold to and done commissions for. Again, if you need links, please ask. Thanks in advance for the understanding!

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