Jean-Rémi KING


I am a cognitive neuroscientist currently working at Facebook A.I. Research to study the neural and computational bases of human intelligence.

During the course of my PhD, with Prof. Lionel Naccache (ICM) & Stanislas Dehaene (Neurospin) I worked on automatically diagnosing the state of consciousness of post-comatose patients from EEG recordings. I later pursued my research onto identifying the neural and computational architecture underlying conscious and unconscious visual processes in healthy subjects. Finally, I did my postdoc at New York University and FIAS with Lucia Melloni and David Poeppel, thanks to the H2020's Marie Curie global fellowships program. I now apply these neuroimaging and modeling techniques to identify the neural and computational bases of human reasoning.

In my spare time, I am also a core developer of MNE, an open-source library in Python to analyze time-resolved neural signals.

Latest news

    Job          I am joining the LSP as a CNRS resarch scientist.

    Job          I am joining FAIR Paris as a research scientist.

    Talk         August 2018: Laura Gwilliams will be presenting our latest work on the neural bases of perceptual decision at Biomag, Philadelphia, USA.

    Talk         July 2018: I will be presenting our forthcoming chapter on Encoding and Decoding Methods in Neuroscience at the Summer Institute in Cognitive Neuroscience, Lake Tahoe, USA

    Job          I have been offered a research scientist position at the French CNRS.

    Talk         July 2018: I will be presenting our latest work entitled: 'The human brain encodes a chronicle of visual events at each instant of time' at NYU, New York, USA.

    Talk         July 2018: I will be leading the decoding tutorial with A. Gramfort at CuttingEEG, Paris, France

    Talk         May 2018: I will be presenting our latest work on 'Identifying the Computational Architecture of Human Cognition in light of Normative, Shallow and Deep Modeling of Cortical Responses' at the 'Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Language Sciences'  Conference, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

    Code       March 2018: 0.16 is released.

    Talk         April 2018: I will be presenting our latest work on 'Decoding the representation, selection and maintenance of sensory information along the cortical hierarchy' at Centre Turing, Centuri, Marseille, France

    Talk         March 25th, 2018: Decoding the hierarchical architecture of perceptual decision making, at CNS, Boston, USA

    Talk         December 15th, 2017: Decoding the hierarchical architecture of perceptual decision making, at NVP, Netherlands

    Poster     December 8th, 2017: Performance-optimized hierarchical models only partially predict neural responses during perceptual decision making, NIPS, workshop on Cognitively Informed AI, Long Beach USA.

    Talk         November 29th, 2017: Unifying the neural and computational architectures of perceptual decision making, at Harvard, Boston USA.

    Talk         November 18th, 2017: Unifying the neural and computational architectures of perceptual decision making, at Montreal A.I. meets neuroscience, Canada

    Talk         November 16th, 2017: I will be chairing our workshop on metacognition with Martijn Wokke & Steve Fleming in CUNY, New York, USA

    Code       March 2017: 0.15 is released.

  Posters     September, 2017: Go checkout our 5 posters at Computational Cognitive Neuroscience, New York, USA

    Talk         August 27-31st, 2017: 'Resolving the temporal dynamics of human visual cognition using multivariate analysis of EEG and MEG data' symposium at ECVP, Berlin, Germany

    Talk         August 5-8th, 2017: I will be chairing the symposium 'Principled computations of goal-directed perceptual inference: from the cortical column to the large-scale network' together with Saskia Haegens at ICON 2017, Amsterdam.

    Talk         June 13th, 2017: Plenary address: 'Brain mechanisms underlying the brief maintenance of seen and unseen sensory information' at the ASSC21Beijing, China.

    Talk         June 13-16th 2017: I will be chairing the symposium on 'The timing of conscious perception' at the ASSC21Beijing, China.

    Award     William James Prize 2017, by Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness

    Talk         April 13th, 2017: SPiNES Seminar: Identifying the computational architecture of cognitive processes from dense neural time series, NYUMC

    Talk         April 4th 2017: Consciousness: from theory to the clinics, Columbia University, New York.

    Code       March 27th-31st 2017: I am organizing the Supervised Neural Time Series Coding Sprint 2017 at NYU Center for Data Science.

    Talk         March 25th 2017: Speaker at the 'BIG IDEAS in cognitive neuroscience' symposium, CNS, San Diego [video]

    Code       March 2017: 0.14 is released.

    Talk         March 3rd 2017: The Neural Architecture of Human Cognition, NYU

    Talk         February 18th 2017: Consciousness & Cognitive Access, Aarhus, Denmark

    Code       December 2016: The scripts and some tutorials related to our latest study with N. Pescetelli & S. Dehaene are now available online

    Poster     November 2016: Decoding MEG and ECoG, at SfN in San Diego

    Talk         November 2016: Towards large-scale analyses of MEG data, NIH in Washington

    Award     October 2016: Biomag 2016 Young Investigator Award.

 Challenge  October 2016: Ranked #1 together with Alex Barachant on the Biomag decoding competition [code]

    Talk         October 2016: Co-chair the symposium "Decoding the Micro- and Macroscopic Dynamics of Neural Activity" with Dr. E. Spaak, at Biomag in Seoul

    Code       September 2016: 0.13 is released.

     Grant      August 2016: Philippe Foundation award.

    Poster     August 2016: Decoding subliminal maintenance with MEG, at the Annual meeting of Predictive Coding in Dartmouth.

 Challenge  July 2016: Ranked #3 on the  Azure / Cortana ECoG decoding challenge [code]

    Talk         June 2016: Decoding of sustained subliminal representations, at HBM in Geneva

    Code       June - August 2016: This year's Summer of Code is supporting us to improve the decoding module of MNE.

    Award     April 2016: Postdoctoral award, CNS, New York.

    Award     December 2015: Prize of PhD thesis, Chancellerie de Paris.

    Grant      August 2015: I am now officially starting my Marie Curie Global Fellowship at NYU and FIAS. 

    Award     April 2015: Prize Young Researcher of the Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation.

Scientific production

  • Gwilliams, L., King, J-R (accepted) Perceptual Decision Making Unfolds in a Processing Cascade Within and Across Brain Regions, Computational Cognitive Neuroscience [conference submission]
  • King, J-R, Wyart, V. (accepted) Tracking the Canonical Computations of Perceptual Processing in a Continuous Sensory Flow, Computational Cognitive Neuroscience [conference submission]
  • Barachant, A.*, King, J-R* (accepted) Riemannian Geometry Boosts Representational Similarity Analyses of Dense Neural Time Series, Computational Cognitive Neuroscience [conference submission] 
  • Kasdan, A., Poeppel, D., King, J-R. (accepted) Decoding of auditory sequences in working memory using MEG, Computational Cognitive Neuroscience [conference submission] 
  • Quentin, R., King, J-R., Sallard, E., Fishman, N., Buch, E., Thompson, R., Cohen, L., (accepted) The Manipulation of Working Memory Contents can be Tracked in Sustained Prefrontal Activity with MEG, Computational Cognitive Neuroscience [conference submission].
  • Trübutschek, D., Marti, S., Ojeda, A., King, J-R., Mi, Y., Tsodkys, M., Dehaene, S. (2017) A theory of working memory without consciousness or sustained activity, eLife, [pdf]
  • Cecotti, H., Barachant, A., King, J-R., Sanchez-Bornot, J., Prasad, G. (2017) Single-trial detection of event-related fields in MEG from 
  • the presentation of happy faces : Results of the Biomag 
  • 2016 data challenge, (691) 
  • 39th Annual 
  • International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in 
  • Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC'17) 
  • [code]
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PhD thesis
  • Characterizing the Electro-magnetic Signatures of Conscious Processing in Healthy and Impaired Human Brains.

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