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I am currently studying at the E.T.S., based in downtown Montreal, Canada, in engineer field. My primary language is french, so excuse me for my gramatical errors, this website is also a key for helping me get more familiar with english writting, so don't be shy to email me on errors or on way to say something or any else you think is good, just no spam please :). I am currently ending my 3rd session out there and it,s really great. I can't wait to finish this session, only 4 exams left. If you are thinking of studying in engineering, you can choose the ETS, it's a great school, better than the polytechnic I can assure ;) !

I recently decided to join the A.C.E. club. The club represent the E.T.S. at the Aerodesign contest organisez by the SAE group. 

 The goal is to build a RC plane that will lift as much weight as possible, but each class is limited by different criteria that change each years. The regular class, that the club parcipated in 2006, was limited to a engine, the measure of the plane, etc... Because criteria change each year, you have to build a new plane each year to optimize your performance.

By joining this team, I hope to learn a lot about planes, I must say that I know barely nothing. I just started reading differents books, webpage, that explain why a plane does fly, how it's work, what's important, the mathematical equation for lift, etc... I am also hopping to learn a lot about material resistance, wich is really important in building a plane like this, cause it's have to be as light as possible but still be able to resist and you don't want it to break apart if the pilot make an error, wich seems to happen quite some time. And I am also hopping to get some fun after all :). If I love this field, I might decided to continu my study in the aerodynamics concentration.