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Health 6 
Humanities 8
General Music 6

High School
Sr. Strategies
Exploring Foods

 Exploring Foods/Chef Training and Test Kitchen - grades 9-12.  Students will learn culinary skills in this 18 week class.  Class will be offered twice,  Semester one and two. 

Critical Stategies - grades 9-12, best suited to upper classes.  This class is geared to insure success in post secondary settings needed for your first year away from home.  It will cover issues on setting up your first independent living situations, finance, roommate relationships, budgeting and trouble shooting.  Also will cover two other popular topics of child development and family strengthening.  I

FACS 8-Family and Consumer Science classes makes science practical.  FACS 8 is a multi focused course that relates the latest research to key areas of life including, decision making, consumerism, textiles, child development, nutrition and food preparation.  You will spend about two weeks on each topic learning to pull together a framework for a thriving environment.  You will learn critical thinking skills, textile management, how to work positively with young children, use nutrition for good health and creative meal preparation practices. 



Music Studies Gd  8- Music Studies and the Humanities are the study of human expression.  You will learn a framework to analyze art and literature forms to better appreciate their contribution to human culture.  The course weaves in several activities and projects to explain analysis concepts such as wire sculpture, calligraphy, simple guitar, collage, dance, prose and role play.  You will also be exposed to many of the finest art efforts known through the ages in areas of painting, sculpture, voice, poetry and many others.


General Music-General Music is a class that gives a foundation for all other musical experiences.  It covers history, theory and performance such that a student can build on the foundation for years to come.  Students will learn to identify musical periods and what was important from each.  They will learn the basics of key signatures and the chord structure in several.  They will have experience in playing and singing through the use of keyboard, guitar, bells, drums and harmonica. 


Health Grade 6-students will learn skills to build and care for themselves in  physical, mental, social and environmental areas of their lives.  

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