Thank you to the tenure committee for your support and assistance during this process of reflecting upon and improving my teaching. This semester has brought new areas in which to grow. Teaching English 836 has been a learning experience for me, and each of my classes involves working closely with other instructors.

Portfolio Contents: 

 Here is a brief overview of the contents of my Portfolio.

  • GoalsI developed Teaching/Professional Goals 2012-13 to focus my work after reviewing Teaching /Professional Goals for 2011-12/  
  • Classroom Maintenance:  Includes the Course Information Sheet and Syllabus which I provide to students in each class on the first day of instruction so that they receive critical information regarding the course and my expectations of their work. I have also included Testing and Grading, which summarize my efforts to improve, measure and quatify student learning.  
  • Sample Materials: There is a brief overview of materials development, followed by "filing cabinets" for selected materials from ESL 400, ENG 836 and ESL 924. 
  • In SLOs and PLOs  I include the SLO assessments/rubrics for the two courses for which I am SLO "Captain." I also link to the ESL Dept. Program Level SLOs, and PLOs,  as well as our Program Review document and the Institutional Research website with which these are aligned. 
  • Committee/Community Involvement: This section includes my participation in campus committees and activities as well as my service in the broader Redwood City Community. 
  • Professional Development: This section chronicles some of the ways in which I continue to grow professionally. 
  • Opening 11-12 Portfolio  will enable the committee to compare previous portfolios; to return, I have placed a link returning to 2012-13 on the sidebar. From that site, the committee can also access previous portfolios.
  • jeannegross.com is a link on the sidebar so the committee can review the site I used to use to support my classes, which is linked with   WebAccess.