Teaching and learning are dynamically connected. As I document and reflect upon my current directions in teaching, I deepen my own learning. I believe this attitude and practice to be contagious so that my work will have a positive influence upon my students and colleagues. Toward this broader goal, I welcome the committee's thoughts and comments! 

Portfolio Contents: 

The main sections of my Portfolio are on the left sidebar, and where it seemed appropriate, there are subsections, subheadings, and attachments. Here is a brief overview of the contents of my Portfolio.

  • GoalsI developed Teaching/Professional Goals 2011-12 to focus my work after reviewing Teaching /Professional Goals for 2010-11.  
  • Classroom Maintenance:  Includes the Course Information Sheet (revised for TBA compliance) and Syllabus which I provide to students in each class on the first day of instruction so that they receive critical information regarding the course and my expectations of their work. I have also attached my first day activities. 
  • Sample Materials: There is a brief overview of materials development, followed by "filing cabinets" for selected materials from ESL 911, 914, 924 and 400. 
  • Grading and Testing: These are brief sections concerning my efforts to improve, measure and quantify student learning. 
  • In SLOs, Program Review and Research: I include the SLO assessments/rubrics for the two courses for which I am SLO "Captain." I also link to the ESL Dept. Program Level SLOs as well as our Program Review document and the Institutional Research website with which these are aligned. 
  • Committee/Community Involvement: Includes my participation on campus committees and my service in the broader Redwood City Community. 
  • Professional Development: This section chronicles some of the ways in which I continue to grow professionally. 
  • Opening Portfolio 09-10 and Portfolio 10-11 will enable the committee to compare previous portfolios; at those sites I have placed a link returning to 2011-12 on the sidebar.
  • jeannegross.com is a link on the sidebar so the committee can review the site I used to use to support my classes and which I am migrating to WebAccess.