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WORK IN PROGRESS Jeanne d'Arc Art Project 2011-2012
I created this website because I find the journey of the work process as interesting as the final art result.  From time to time, I will add content to this website.  Note: Google Sites will attempt to translate to your Browser's language settings, for example, in French; see visual explanation.

* * *

My main focus for this project is on people's work and perceptions about Joan of Arc.  My intention is to remain unbiased and look at various points of views, and then combine them, and create a mix.

3 Projects:
- "Joan in the rain / Jeanne sous la pluie" (Video Poem)
- "Metamorphosis" (Interactive Art, openFrameworks)
- "Hero's Journey" based on Joseph Campbell (Video Projection MAPping; Resolume + IR Mapio)

See pages Photos, Videos, Blog & References for more info, or use "Search this site".

*** Website dedicated to my momS


Program (French): Jeanne d'Arc 1412 - 2012

Exhibition: 1st of June to the 30th of December, 2012
Video Mapping + Outdoor Cinema & Theatre: 7 & 28 July / 11 August / 15 September (Video Mapping only - French Patrimony: Night of the Museums)

Artistic Direction: Philippe Pellier / Mobil'Homme / Elvis UnDead Club 

Video Artist: Julie Meitz

Other invited artists: Chourouk Hriech & Kristoff K.Roll & Theatre Group Elvis UnDead Club

Technician: Patrick Grandvuillemin

Administrative: Nadia Viscogliosi - General Counsel of Vosges