Ace Hardware


All Saints Church

Angel of Grief

B Street Clock

B Street Party


Bradford Station

Buffalo Bill’s

Cal State Cactus Flowers

Cal State Magnolia


Casper's Hot Dogs

Century Theater

Chabot Bike Rack

City Hall, New

City Hall, Old

City Hall, Tower

Crossing on the Keys

Emil Villa’s

Farmer’s Market

Fire Station

Green Shutter Hotel

Hayward Fishery

Hayward Plunge

Historical Society Mural

Interpretive Center

Meek Estate

Music Building

Off the Grid

Pioneer Cemetery

Ranch Restaurant



Warren Hall

Water Tower
 In My Own Backyard, Images of Hayward

“My passion is seeing beauty and artistic possibilities everywhere and making interesting 
(and sometimes surprising) compositions from ordinary subjects.”

                                                                                                                       Jeanne Bertolina

This project began because I’m just not a good traveler, so I need to appreciate the environment that’s all around me right under my nose. I started these compositions as a photo album just for myself, based on the beauty and landmarks of my community. As it developed, I realized that what I was doing was quickly turning into something I wanted to share.

Click on the links to the left to see the pieces from the show. If you click on a photo, you can see a larger version that shows the details and textures. Below are some of the pictures I started with in creating my Photoshop compositions.