Statute of the Club




Jeanneau Owners Sailing Club Malta





The name of the club shall be the Jeanneau Owners Sailing Club Malta (hereafter referred to as the Club). 





The objectives of the Club is to foster friendship between owners of Jeanneau sailing boats with the intention of :

-       organizing sailing sorties, long distance trips, races between members and their friends.

-       strengthening social relations between members;

-       offer  technical and non-technical assistance to members;

-       organize social events for members, their family and friends;





The management of the Club is vested in the Commodore of the Club.  He/she may be assisted by other club members in executing his/her duties such as organizing events, correspondence and maintaining the Club’s webpage. The Commodore must be a member of the Club and is voted in office by the members of the Club for a period of one year in an Annual General Meeting.  The Commodore may take office for more than one 12-month period provided he still has the trust of the majority of the Club members.





-       Membership in the Club is open and accessible for all Jeanneau sailing boat owners, who agree with the objectives and aims of the Club and who abide to the statute of the Club.   A member of the club may also be a member of any other club irrespective of whether it is related to sailing or otherwise and take an active part in such club.

-       In order to become a member of the Jeanneau Owners Sailing Club Malta, it is only necessary to fill in the appropriate details listed in the Club’s web page. 

-       No membership fees are levied by the Club.  No member is authorized to collect any fees on behalf of the Club. 

-       A member of the Club may leave the Club at his own will after notifying the Commodore of the Club.

-       A member of the Club may be excluded from the Club if in the opinion of the Commodore he/she regularly infringes the Club statute.





A member of the Club has the right to:


-       place at the Club Website  brief information about himself  and/or his boat;

-       receive all information about activities of the Club;

-       express his opinion and give proposals concerning the Club;

-       participate in events conducted by the Club;





A member of the Club is obliged to:


-       take active part in events organized by the Club;

-       promote the activities of the Club, its goals and aims;

-       render assistance to other Club members in their boating activities.





The business of the Club shall be conducted in Maltese and English and documentation, correspondence and verbal communication shall be carried out in these languages.  For practical reasons the English language shall prevail in all written communication.





Members are encouraged to promote the Club with the local boating community, the general public and the media.   Information about all members of the Club and their boats shall be shown on the website of the Club.  Detailed information and photos of boats are shown on the website only with the permission of the member.





The motto of the Club shall be  – “Come sail with us!”


The flag of the Club shall be in two colours; dark blue and red on a white background. The words Jeanneau Owners Sailing Club is to be shown in dark blue and the word Malta and a small Maltese cross next to it in red.  On the left hand side of the text, the Jeanneau compass star in red.