Flotsam and Jetsam

Detritus of Jean Manco's life



Jean Manco is a British building historian. But you won't find anything about history or buildings here - just poems, photographs and suchlike that no sane person would want to waste their time on. 

The useful stuff is on my other sites, which you can reach from the work  links at left.

Jean has two sons. Designer Tristan Manco is the author of Stencil Graffiti, Street Logos, Graffiti Brasil, Street Sketchbook, Street Sketchbook Journeys (do you sense a theme developing there?) and Raw + Material = Art: Found, Scavaged and Upcycled

Simon is the computer-whizz who hooked her up to the Internet. Since then she has been well and truly hooked, contributing to the Open Directory, Wikipedia and other online volunteer-supported resources, as well as developing her own website.