About the images

I do not have any objections toward pornography, but pages and blogs containing the word 'art' will only contain 'Erotica' (see below for definition).

Most images posted on my blogs originate from catamite.net. This is a repository for images posted to a great number of news-threads, mailing-lists and group mailers that have/had 'male art' or 'Asian male' as their main subject. Attachments send to these groups are sorted and categorized to act as a reference for groups that do not store these for themselves.
Due to development in privacy- and copyright- regulations this repository is no longer available to the public.

The catamite.net images come from the public domain and can be freely copied for personal use, unless a mark on the picture tells you otherwise. All images are copyrighted by their rightful owner. You can not copy or publish these images for commercial use under any circumstance without consent from the owner. If you think some of the material is yours and you don't want it published in the context it was posted in, let me know and I'll immediately remove all traces of your existence from my publications. Send your lawyer if you don't agree.

Pornography: the depiction of explicit sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexually exciting the viewer. Pornography makes no claim to artistic merit, unlike erotica which does.
Erotica: (from the Greek Eros—"desire") or "curiosa," works of art, including literature, photography, film, sculpture and painting, that deal substantively with erotically stimulating or sexually arousing descriptions. Erotica is a modern word used to describe the portrayal of the human anatomy and sexuality with high-art aspirations, differentiating such work from commercial pornography.