Art can be shocking!

These pages contain the acknowledgements for all my blogs, sites, home-pages, etcetera. It will also contain some information on me and my views.

For all content I post, generate or otherwise publish I take full moral responsibility. I don't take any other responsibilities whatsoever, legal or otherwise for the content of any of the graphics used. Most of the images come from the internet. If you do not agree with me (I'm counting on it, 'cause I will deceive you if you don't pay attention!) write a comment.

A parental/spiritual/mental guide might be advisable for those who are not comfortable with (paintings of) the human body.

Warning: No harm was done to animals, children or objects of any kind by the making of my pages!

Do not, I say DO NOT take me seriously, because I am. I do not own the truth and I will change my mind just because I can. If you are free and live in a free country, you can change your mind too, just like that. No reason necessary nor intended. Are you living in the free world? Make up your own mind now, make your choices and discard them as you seem fit. Be responsible!