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I love to travel, cook, shop, eat out, read (sometimes), watch tv/movies, run, and do aerobics. 

One of my favorite restaurants is right here in Peachtree Corners, called Vallarta. 

I'm now reading John Rosemond's Six Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children.  Allen just finished it and wanted me to take a look at it as well. 

My favorite shows are Lost and The Amazing Race.

I'm running a 5K in November and I'm hoping this will kick start my running again. 

I love looking at things on Craig's List.  It's such a great place to buy stuff for kids, furniture, really anything, and you don't have to pay shipping like you do on E-Bay, because it's all local.  It's a great place to sell things too.  Check it out at  (If you don't live in the Atl, they have it in tons of other cities too.)

Right  now I'm looking for a desk for our office and a cozy coupe car for Everett. :)

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