Gluten Free Chinese Dumpling Wrappers

From Jeanette's Healthy Living

Adapted from Hey That Taste's Good. This dough is quite fragile when rolled out. Make sure to flour your cutting board and rolling pin before rolling out the wrappers. If you find the wrapper breaking apart when you roll it out, don't worry - simply gather up the dough and roll it out again. You can also patch up any tears in the dough with a bit of water and a small piece of extra dough or glutinous flour. Don't worry about the appearance of these dumplings. it takes practice to make them look pretty, but they taste delicious nonetheless.

1 cup tapioca starch

1 cup fine rice flour

1 1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum

2 tablespoons light olive oil

12-14 tablespoons cold water

glutinous or sweet rice flour

Whisk together tapioca starch, rice flour and xanthan gum in a bowl. Add oil and 12 tablespoons of water. Mix well, adding a little bit of water at a time if necessary to form a firm, but not dry, dough. Cover bowl with plastic wrap while preparing dumpling filling.

When ready to make the dumpling wrappers, sprinkle a cutting board or pastry sheet with glutinous rice flour. Form dough into a long log. Cut dough into 24 even pieces.

Flatten each piece into a small round on floured cutting board. Using a rolling pin, roll each round into a 2 1/2"- 3" circle, flipping the dough over, and turning the circle as you roll it out. The dough is fragile, so roll it out carefully, and be sure to keep both sides floured so it doesn't stick to the rolling pin or cutting board. Cover rolled dumpling wrappers with plastic wrap until all the wrappers are made.