Hi, my name is Jeandré, and I'm an unsustainable user of fossil fuel. In order to be more mindful of my use of fossil fuel, I'm recording my mode of, and distance travelled:

I walk an average of 5 kms per day, and try to avoid fossil fuel transport when possible - but when using it prefer single trips, and

  1. Metrorail trains (mobile) to
  2. MyCiTi busses, to
  3. Jammie shuttles, to
  4. getting lifts with people already travelling where I'm going, to
  5. Golden arrow busses, to
  6. car taxis, to
  7. asking someone to take me somewhere in a non-public transport vehicle.

While minibus taxis are usually full, and therefore only have slightly higher environmental impacts than full busses, I dislike how much organized crime is connected to the minibus taxi industry, so I've been avoiding them. While the emissions of empty busses are worse than travelling in a car or pickup truck (bakkie) with someone I asked to specially take me somewhere, supporting the public transport infrastructure may be better in the long run. I doubt I'll ever fly again.

Since 2011-01-01, longest periods

  • train-free: 251 days (2012-05-16/2013-01-21), 133 days (2013-02-02/2013-06-15);
  • bus-free: 249 days (2011-01-29/2011-10-04), 207 days (2011-10-06/2012-04-29);
  • car/pt-free: 181 days (2013-01-03/2013-07-02), 172 days (2014-07-05/2014-12-23);
  • minibus-taxi-free: 1714+ days (2011-02-21/present);
  • aircraft-free: 4979+ days (2002-03-14/present).

I live and travel in the Western Cape province of South AfricaFlag of South Africa. I've also been

  • on trains in the Northern Cape, North West, and Gauteng provinces of South Africa;
  • on full busses in the Eastern Cape, South Africa;
  • in minibusses in Gauteng, South Africa;
  • in cars in Karas, NamibiaFlag of Namibia; the Gauteng province of South Africa; Abidjan, Côte d'IvoireFlag of Côte d'Ivoire; Dakar, SenegalFlag of Senegal; and the Eastern Cape province of South Africa;
  • and I've flown in airplanes 5 times: I skydived once from a small Cessna; and I flew in jet airliners from Johannesburg, South Africa to Abidjan to Dakar and back to Abidjan and Johannesburg.

Most of my carbon footprint impact now comes from buying goods manufactured and transported using massive amounts of fossil fuel, so I try to only buy food and clothes that's completely local, or at least "Product of South Africa" (meaning it wasn't imported and contains no (or minimal) imported ingredients (tho all packaging could have been imported)). I'm trying to reduce my use of electricity (coal and nuclear generated) and purchases of imported books and tech, and things with excessive packaging - but that's not going so well. The two most effective ways in which I'm keeping my carbon footprint down is by not becoming a biological parent and by being a vegan.