My Residency Portfolio

~When your personal journey is true...all elements of the universe come together to make it happen~ The Alchemist

Welcome to my electronic portfolio (eportfolio).  This site chronicles my journey as a doctoral student in Marshall University Graduate School of Education and Professional Development (GSEPD) Doctor of Education Program.   My program of study is Curriculum and Instruction with an area of emphasis in Leadership Studies. My coursework in this program, specifically CIEC 700, gave me the skills and confidence to create this eportfolio. 
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                                               Jean Marie Chappell, M.S., MT(ASCP) 
My doctoral journey began the Spring of 2006, but the dream began well before that date.  I have long held dear the value of a terminal degree, but not until 2006 did I believe it possible.  Napoleon Hill said that a goal is a dream with a deadline.  The completion of my coursework and the subsequent development of this eportfolio, have turned my distant dream into my future goal.