Jdydns is a Java client program for updating the IP address to the dyndns service. This program is intended
to be used for routers that have a web interface that shows the ip address of the router. This program is not
capable at this time to update changed ip address on a host computer unless the host computer is running
a webserver.


  • JRE 1.4 or above (Java Runtime Environment)
  • Router or host machine with a static IP running a web server
  • Dyndns user account and hostname

Quick Start

  • Download jdydns client from here
  • Unzip the file (tar -zxvf jdydns_build_20060203.tar.gz)
  • Edit the config.xml (see user's manual in the doc folder)
  • Start the service (java -jar jdydns-20060203.jar config.xml 600000)
  • Check log file for "Server Resp[good]" (dydns.log is the default log file)