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Blogging handbook

posted Sep 12, 2011, 9:11 AM by Tyler Kassing
The dangers that are caused by blogging unsafely are big. they can cause teens with very little self esteem to have even less and possiblly committ suicide due to cyber bullying. In the first case they say about the kids writing very threating things on a blog about their teaching and how she should have her "neck slit like a chicken" that is just wrong and they have no right in saying that. They might have a problem with the teacher but they should have confronted her in person and discussed why there is a problem and what they can do to change it instead of posting obscene comments online.
    In the second post where the girl wrote discriminating things online about gays and black people. that girl may get in trouble for saying these things but could also be argued of violating someones freedom of speech. I think this girl shouldnt be in trouble because she did not directly insult someone just a group of people.
    In the one post where the kid says that he uses a blog as a way to vent his frustrations instead of hiding his problems is actully quite smart. He says that his friends would comment and leave him with helpful words that helped him through tough times. When his dad and close friend died he used the blogs to help him get through it and with the helpful posts from his distant friends he got through it. I think blogging to vent your problems is a good thing as long as u do it right and don't say offencive things about others and don't give out information that is really personal